Ebola: Cameroon close borders, cancel flights to/from Nigeria


In light of the current Ebola crisis, Cameroon has closed its borders with, and suspended all flights to and from Nigeria.

“Cameroon, according to the NIS, has a border boundary of over 2, 000 kilometres in Borno, Adamawa, Taraba and Cross Rivers states in the South-South sub-region of Nigeria.”

Chiroumma Boukkari, spokesman of Cameroon Foreign Affairs, said the decision to close the borders with Nigeria had become inevitable because of fears of the ebola virus  spreading through the West African sub-region.

He stated, “This decision on border closure and suspension of all flights to and from Nigeria was to protect the lives of Cameroonian citizens living within and outside from contracting ebola, as Nigeria, our main trading partner in Africa had been facing since July 20, 2014 when Patrick Sawyer sneaked into the country aboard a flight with the deadly virus.”

He however, noted that the border closure and temporary suspension of flights to and from Nigeria will be for a minimum of one month. He also advised Cameroonian citizens to take the closure of borders and flight suspension seriously in protecting their lives and property.

Source: Vanguard

Bruce Wayne jnr. PhD in jollof and dodo. Member of the League of Shadows.

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