Ebola: Nurse escaped quarantine, fled to Enugu


A nurse, who had contact with index patient Patrick Sawyer, escaped quarantine in Lagos, and travelled  to Enugu.

Speaking at a Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting today, Minister of Information Labaran Maku, mentioned that the nurse and the 20 people she was in contact with are currently under surveillance in Enugu.

From his statement, “All those who she was in contact with, including her husband, are under quarantine. The medical team has been able to trace all those who made contact with her,” he furthered, encouraging citizens to comply with protocol and instruction from health officials.

“We have port health workers that are working in our airports and seaports. We are calling on citizens specifically to cooperate. If health workers say you have had contact with A, B, C, don’t move to anywhere; respect that judgment. It is very important. In one or two cases where we have had disobedience, we lost one of them and this one now moved with it to another place (Enugu). So we are urging Nigerians, please, to help us in making sure that all these messages and appeals we are making are implemented.”

The number of people now being monitored by authorities is up to 189.  So far, only 3 of those confirmed infected with the Ebola virus have passed away.


Bruce Wayne jnr. PhD in jollof and dodo. Member of the League of Shadows.

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